P.T. Intan Pertiwi Profile

P.T. Intan Pertiwi Industri (INTIWI), which was founded in 1976 and started welding electrode production in 1977. Since then INTIWI production has been under technical collaboration of Kobe Steel, Ltd., Japan. It started with a very small production line and it was only producing one type of electrode, RB-26 / AWS E6013.

After more than 25 years cooperation with Kobe Steel, today INTIWI produces and supplies various kinds of KOBELCO welding electrodes, ranging from Mild Steel, High Tensile Steel, Stainless Steel, Hardfacing, and Cast Iron. Besides the production item, INTIWI also keep a very comprehensive list and stock of welding consumables made from Kobe Steel Japan.

The high quality product of KOBECO welding electrodes can never be negotiated in the manufacturing line of INTIWI. The high scrutiny of the quality control section has made the electrode at its highest quality ever; thus, thereís no doubt about the quality of the electrode made by INTIWI.

To cope with rapid expansion of the Indonesian market and with the help of Technical Development Department of Kobe Steel, INTIWIís production facility is constantly modified, thereby enhancing the production efficiency.


Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, having a population not less than 13 million people, is one of the busiest city in ASEAN countries. The city is still growing and the people still find Jakarta as the city of hope.

INTIWI head office is located at the heart of business district and very close to the China Town of Jakarta, has made it possible to be closer to the famous retailer of the GLODOK area (GLODOK is widely known among the Indonesian people). Due to this very strategic location, INTIWIís distribution channel can be reached all over Indonesia.

As the top manufacturer of welding electrodes in Indonesia, INTIWI has long been established their branch offices in Surabaya east Java (the second largest city of Indonesia) and also in Medan north Sumatra. These branch offices have made it possible for quick delivery and better services for the customers of Kobe Steel welding electrode.

Technical Service System

Beside the regular after sales service, Kobe Steel Technical Department of Kobe Steel Department and also INTIWIís very experience technical staff can satisfy the needs of the clients who are facing problems in their welding. Problem solving, recommending the correct electrode, and determining the suitable welding procedure are quite complex for someone who are not an expert. Therefore itís very important and advantage to have such service because you certainly do not want to have a lot of repairs in a project, which you are involved in.

So, pick up your phone and call us for any welding problems you might have.